About us

About PRAC Financial


We are a niche provider. We have no interest in competing with the larger, institutional debt purchasers.

Our aim is to provide a solution to debt sellers which others do not offer. We therefore seek out portfolios of a complex nature, such as commercial portfolios or litigation portfolios. We utilise our specific background to take a methodical, case management approach to collecting the debts which is not available within larger debt buyers.


Whilst the collection of commercial debt, consumer energy and telecommunications debt is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we pride ourselves on providing a transparent and highly compliant platform. We collect commercial debts with the same approach to compliance as consumer debts.


We are always happy to agree specific post sale collection strategies which ensure that we protect your brand at all times.

This flexibility means that you can also trust us if you are a trading business which simply wants to sell aged debt as part of your collection cycle.

Pricing can be agreed to ensure both sides share in the upside of a successful post sale campaign.